FE Mechanical Sample Examination

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FE ME examination2
Simulate the FE Mechanical exam experience by completing this 5 hour, 20 minute FE Mechanical CBT sample examination. You'll need to acquire the free electronic copy of the NCEES Reference Handbook, available at the NCEES.org website. You'll use this resource to solve the 110 Sample Examination problems, which align by topic and proportion of problems per topic to the NCEES FE Mechanical CBT exam specifications.

If you have not done so already, please visit the NCEES website (www.ncees.org) to download an electronic version of the NCEES Reference Handbook, the only resource you are allowed to use during the exam. After you complete the exam and view your final score, launch the FE Mechanical Solutions modules to review the detailed solution to each exam question.
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FE Mechanical CBT sample exam